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Deleted topics

Hi All,

Shoot you a quick message to know how to recover topics from my forum that have disapeared without any specific action or reason.

The number of topics is still displayed in each category (see attached file), but the message indicates "no message for now" or "this discussion does not exist" when clicking on the appropriate topic.

For information, I have opened a topic for update on my device prior this situation, and was able perform some amendements without any issue until this one.

Many thanks for your help,

Uploaded files:
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Hey @seleukos,

it seems like you have some problems with your database. Did you use any plugin to clean the DB or did you make any changes in there?


If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

Good Morning Qualmy,

Thanks for your fast answer.

No specific maintenance activity before this happened on my console. The only notable activities (as I was not able to have access to the page any more after a try on my mobile), were:

  • the topic page opened on 2 devices at the same time: mobile, laptop (on Chrome & Explorer)
  • a click on bottom "edit" button instead of "edit" with the pencil icone

For information, I have restored the database (RPO-1) and everything has been recovered excepted the more recent update of course. But it is really fine.

The mystery remains despite the issue is closed on my side. Advices for next users that could cross over this problem: backup, backup, backup...


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