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Customized Login - need help on Password Reset


I am using Elementor with the Asgaros Forum, and I like what I see so far.

I've created a login popup that slides in on the forum page load.

It works great if they have already registered. And if they haven't I simply redirect them to the membership registration page.

But what is the best way to handle if they lost the password, or want to reset? How do I set that up?

Please help.

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Hello @konikodes

As I see your slide already has an option for this when you click the "Lost your password?" link. Besides of that, the registration/login-functionality is a part of the WordPress-core. If you want to change its behavior, you have to try plugins for this. 🙂

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Thank you. I will do an email reset for now then look into what else can work once we're live.

My client signed up with my registration form, and I received the admin email - however she is not a member, I did not recieve a copy of the notice telling her to login to the site, and she did not receive the email either.

How do I control what happens after she registers?

Thank you,