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Critical error when submitting topic and somehow messed the theme.

Hi Agaros Support,

Good day! I hope everything's fine during this time of pandemic. I just started using your forum plugin and I know it will be beneficial to all who uses it. I'm just having problem when adding topic to a forum/sub-forum. When I submit the topic, it says that there has been a critical error, please see attached file, and somehow messed the site theme. It was resized and the sticky menu header just overlapped with the forum. But when I checked the main forum page, the topic was added, but when clicked, it will be redirected to the page (attached file).

Here's our forum website just in case you want to check the problem that I'm encountering:

Thank you for keeping the plugin up and running and please always be safe!


Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot_2020-05-08_aviansi_support_forum.png

Hello @rovichonrado

This looks like at some point the content-generation suddenly stops. Can you check, if this issue can be caused by another extension by temporarily disabling them one by one just for testing-purposes? If this does not help to find the issue, can you provide your servers error.log? Maybe we can find more information about that critical error there.

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Hi Agaros,

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I was able to check what's causing the issue and you're right, by disabling the buddypress-integration, the adding of topic is now working fine.

Again, thank you so much for creating this very helpful plugin and always stay safe!