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Closed usergroup and roles

I need tot login on this forum "to create posts and topics " but it's not possible for me to delete posts or topics of other members.

I want to set-up a closed usergroup, where only members can see, post, edit and delete posts of themselves. But certainly they may not be able to delete posts of other members. I tried to figure that out, read many topics, but until now I found out that in closed groups:

  1. members only can post a topic when they have the role of moderator
  2. members (with the role of moderator) always can delete the topics (and posts) of other members?

I sure hope to read that my conclusions are wrong, that I have not been looking good en and there is a solution for my problem.

Thanks you in advance for your reply


Hello @changes

Basically what you need to do is the following:

  • You create a category and add forums to it which are used as the restricted area
  • You create a usergroup and assign users to it which are allowed to access this area
  • Now you assign the usergroup to the category of the restricted area

In this case:

  • All users which are part of this group can access the restricted area
  • Other users cannot see it
  • Users, who can access the restricted area, can create topics and posts inside of it and edit their own content (based on the permission-settings for editing/deleting)
  • They dont need to have the moderator role for it
  • The forums inside the restricted area dont need to be closed
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Thanks, Thomas

I misinterpreted the word "closed". While testing on to different devices I forgot to refress. Rather trivial ;-). Sorry for the confusion.