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Change cover image

Is there any way we could get an option within the forum to change the cover image?

I don't want to use a plugin as I already have users and don't want them to create a new profile.

Thanks in advance

Kriss 🙂

Hey Kriss,

at the moment there is no function at Asgaros Forum to give users the ability to change the cover image of their profile. I'm also not sure if it will be possible to add this functionality soon to the forum.

But I created a Pull Request for a Custom Filter at GitHub today. If Thomas (@asgaros) will approve my changes it will probably be available with the next update of Asgaros Forum.

This Functionality could be a nice extension for "Frontend Utilities Addon" and with the new hook it should be not too difficult to add.

If you are considering to add this functionality to your plugin, you can already check out the new filter at GitHub.

If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

I will take a look at. It also needs some style overrides to remove the blur.

@qualmy91 @quenso

I will add this filter definitely with the upcoming update! 🙂

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