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how to disable the spoiler in asgaros. because of him the bbspoiler plugin stopped working

Hello @zion

Currently there is no option to disable the spoiler-functionality. I will try to add an option for this with the next update.

Here is the GitHub ticket for it:

would greatly help everyone. thank

In the meantime you can disable it manually by making the following changes to the code.



add_shortcode('spoiler', array($this, 'render_spoiler'));


//add_shortcode('spoiler', array($this, 'render_spoiler'));



// Adds a new spoiler-button to the editor.
$(document).on('tinymce-editor-setup', function(event, editor) {
    editor.settings.toolbar1 += ',spoiler';

    editor.addButton('spoiler', {
        icon: 'spoiler',
        tooltip: 'Spoiler',
        onclick: function() {
"); } }); });


third-party spoiler plugins do not work,

if you disable the asgaros plugin, everything works

With the mentioned code-changes and clearing server and browser-cache third-party spoiler-plugins should work again. I tested it with bbspoiler and its working fine. 🙂

Also ensure that the "Allow shortcodes in posts" option is enabled.



very helpful

Hello again @zion

The upcoming v1.14 update will come with a new option which allows you to completely disable the spoiler-functionality. The v1.14 update will be available later this month.