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Background color of the "Subject" text box


I customized the appearance of the forum in dark so that it harmonizes with my site.

Everything works fine except the background color of the "Subject" text box that appears when you want to create a new topic. It is dark and the text is not seen very well (see screen attached).

I think this color is related to the theme of my site because I can not change it in the customization of the appearance of the forum.

How can I do for:

  • to make the text written in this area clearer?
  • or to make this text box clearer?

Thank you in advance for your help,

And by the way, a big thank you for this plugin that corresponds exactly to what I was looking for (neither too complicated, nor too simple, perfect!)


Uploaded files:
  • Background-color.jpg

Hello @julien

As you already mentioned I assume that this issue is caused by your theme. Can you leave a link to your page with enabled guest-posting so I can have a look?

Of course, here is the location of the forum:

Thank you so much !


Hello again @julien

Please add the following css-code to Forum -> Appearance -> Custom CSS:

#af-wrapper .editor-row-subject input {
    background-color: white !important;


Excellent, thank you very much!

And congratulations for this great plugin;)