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awesome icons - where to paste html

hi thomas - kudos for all your work!

just downloaded the forum yesterday and read a lot here: admire you for doing all this: thesis, and coding, and generously and patiently giving your time to answer everybody - you should teach time-management as a fall-back gig if you ever become tired of developing!

this is why i summoned the nerve to ask a silly question [you will laugh when you read it] of a complete non-techie, but one who likes dabbling with tech:

when i try to bring in a new icon it gives me not the icon but html -  no problem only [cough] how do you access the code on wp + where exactly to put it? [are you on the floor, laughing?]

if you think only professionals should do it - i'll follow your advise of course [just trying to save money]

vielen dank!

Hi 123.

you can add the fontawesome icon to you forum in Structure>Edit Forum in the section Icon, just add the code of the icon and not all the html, example :

Instead of <i class="fab fa-nintendo-switch"></i> <-- only add fab fa-nintendo-switch in the form

I add a screen


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oh! so that's how! [and i indeed put the whole code before, as you correctly guessed]

kindly answer this: is it fab-fa [with a b?] because the default is fas-fa [with an s]

thank you so much for your time!


it worked with fas [with s]

but other places i found that an r was the deal: far fa got me the outline with white filling

so what are all the options and why did fab [b] not work for me?

once again thank you for your time and patience with these basic issues!


Hello @123

I am more than happy to hear that you like the Asgaros Forum plugin! 🙂

FontAwesome uses a couple of prefixes which define how bold those icons are, for example:

  • fas for solid
  • far for regular
  • fal for light

Not all of them are working inside of Asgaros Forum because the free version of the Font Awesome library is used. Some of those prefixes are only available if a license for Font Awesome is purchased - this is not possible for a free plugin like this so the pro-version is not included. For this reason, only the free icons can be used which can be found here (take the Free filter inside of the search into account):

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got it! thank you!

(remember the career advice i gave you before. you've just proven it true once more :-))

trying to post great review but can't - it behaves as if i'm not logged in but i AM

to be on the safe side - logged in again, was denied, had to change pw - it's a nightmare [wp fault. not yours!]

now i'm in again - still the same: no place to add new


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Hello @123

No worries, sometimes the WordPress-servers have some little problems. Its also possible that an old state is still in your browsers cache. You can try to reload the webpage by pressing CTRL + F5. If its still not working, it may be work on another day.

Anyway, thank you as well for your support by (try to) add a positive review for my plugin! 🙂

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!