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Avatar Is Not Centered


I was hoping that the avatar would be centered on the left column.  Any ideas how to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello @rayv

Issues like this are usually caused by incompatibilities with the used theme. Can you provide a link to the post so I can have a look?

Thank you for that fast response.  The link to the forum with the misaligned avatar can be found at this url:
You will need a temporary username and password to gain access.
Username: mopheen53
Password: Elexa001!
Kind regards,

@rayv I have big issues accessing your site from Germany and getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT all the time. Is the URL correct?

Asgaros I tried a VPN from your country and I had issues as well accessing the website.  Let me navigate around on my server and see why that is happening.

Also, I was checking out some of your documentation and I think that there maybe a CSS script that I could use to position the avatar.  Do you know what that name would be so I can address it and position it to be centered?

Thanks Ray

You can edit themes for your forum in the /wp-content/themes-asgarosforum directory (for example: /wp-content/themes-asgarosforum/my-theme). All themes in the /wp-content/themes-asgarosforum can be activated in the forum options. Each theme must have the following files: style.css, widgets.css and editor.css

It looks like it would be in the styles.css that I would make changes to to move the avatar right?  Tried a few things but it didn't make a difference.  I guess that is why I need the name so I can address the script correctly.

RayV 🙂

The avatar can be selected via CSS by using the following selector:

#af-wrapper img.avatar

But I cant tell you exactly on what to change. Which theme are you using? I can try to install it and have a look.

You also dont need to create a custom-theme for this. Simply add the snippet to Forum -> Appearance -> Custom CSS.

Using the Politik - Political Theme from


Mh okay. Unfortunately I cannot test it directly because its a non-free premium theme. 🙁

I will try to access your website. If I can establish a connection I will have a look.