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Asgaros Forum v1.13: Topic Approval & Spoilers


I am happy to announce version 1.13 of the Asgaros Forum plugin for WordPress which comes with great new features and enhancements for your favorite forum-plugin.

Topic Approval

With this version topic approval is available. Topic approval is an optional feature which can be enabled for specific forums. If topic approval is required for a forum, new topics posted by normal users or guests dont appear publicly until they got approved by an moderator or administrator.

Unapproved Topics

This are the highlights of the new functionality:

  • Topic approval can get enabled for specific forums
  • Topics from moderators and administrators dont need approval
  • Receivers of administrative notifications get a mail when there is a new unapproved topic
  • Topic approval is available for Guests or Guests & Normal Users
  • Unapproved topics dont appear publicly (widgets, activity, overview, etc)
  • All unapproved topics of a forum will get approved automatically when topic approval is getting deactivated
  • Subscribers and mentioned users get notified after a topic got approved
  • The topic-creator will get notified that his topic requires approval
  • Moderators and administrators can approve topics directly in the frontend
  • Moderators can only approve topics which are accessible for them


It is possible to add spoilers to posts using the editor. The content of spoilers will only be visible after a click. An additional option allows you to hide the content of spoilers from logged-out users.

This is a secret! Don't tell anyone. 😉

Hint: Shortcodes are used for spoilers. Even when shortcodes are disabled for posts, the spoilers-functionality stays available.

Activity changes

It is now necessary to define the amount of days for which activity will be shown inside the activity-view. By default the activity of the last two weeks will be shown. This change is necessary to reduce server-load for big communities.

Receivers of administrative notifications

Administrative notifications are not only send to the site-owner only. It is now possible to define multiple receivers of administrative notifications. The receivers can get defined via a comma-separated list of mail-addresses. All mail-addresses in this list will receive notifications for new reports, unapproved topics, and more.

Fixed issues

A lot of issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Display issues in the administration-area of Asgaros Forum when notices of WordPress or other plugins are shown
  • Broken forum if settings could not get loaded from database
  • The height of the editor was to small in certain configurations
  • It is not longer possible to quote posts from other topics
  • It is not longer possible to quote posts from inaccessible topics
  • It is not longer possible for guests to post when topics are inaccessible for guests
  • Search-engines cannot longer index inaccessible areas
  • Dont leak content via meta-tags in inaccessible areas
  • Performance issues in forums which consist of many topics
  • There was a PHP-error in the notifications-processing when a receiver-mail did not belong to a WordPress-user
  • Fixed wrong stylings when using custom colors
  • Display issues with some themes

Other Changes

  • When the minimalistic editor is not used, all buttons will be shown inside the editor
  • Dont notify users about a new post or topic when they already receive a mail because they got mentioned. This change is required to avoid unnecessary mails for the same content.
  • Minor design changes
  • Performance improvements and code optimizations
  • The required version of WordPress is now 4.8

Version 1.13 of Asgaros Forum will be available in the next 24 hours via the WordPress Updater!

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!
the wonderful. Thank you.

Exciting! These sound like some great updates!

Now we're all just impatiently waiting for that Ultimate Member integration. 🙂 This is such a great forum plugin with fantastic support!

I continue to stand ready to pay for a premium version when you have it ready and I'm sure I'm not the only one! 🙂

Very nice upgrade, thank you for doing this for us. 😉

Thank you for the great plugin 🙂

thanks for new updates 🙂


For buddypress-integration I plan to add:

  • show users forum-activity in buddypress-profile
  • replace forum-profile with buddypress-profile
  • include forum-activity in the buddypress activity-feed
  • use buddypress-notifications for new topics/posts and post-replies


We expect these updates to take place. these should be the next updates 😀


Hello @asgaros Do you plan to set up a templating?

Hello @shepxbfr

Currently I dont plan to add some kind of template-engine as long as some bigger core-features - which I plan to integrate - are still missing.

If you only plan to add your own custom-stylings you can create a custom-theme with your own style.css-file as described in the readme.txt. This can be used to apply your complete own stylings.

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

Hey , The problem is that if you perform an update, since I intervene in the "includes>view" part it erases my changes: p