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"Answer user" function

Thomas, hello!
The forum has the function of mentioning the user through the insert in the message "@Erenbur". But many webmasters disable this feature (including myself). Therefore, I VERY ASK to make additional functionality of mentioning the user in the message. At the top right of the message there is a "Quote" button. Move it to the left and to the right of it make the button "Answer".
When you click on this button at the bottom, the answer form should open up and it already has the following structure:

<strong>Erenbur</ strong>,

After the comma space or a new line. Then it will be convenient for users to respond to each other. Naturally, enabling and disabling this feature should be configured in the admin panel of the forum.

Hello @erenbur

Actually I dont see any advantage in this kind of functionality because its basically the same as the mentioning-functionality which can be used to explicitly mention an author. You can also press the quote button - in this case the name of the post-author is shown as well.

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Thomas, this is a fairly standard feature used in many forums. It is much more convenient for users to press a button than to copy and paste something.
Plus, I have already seen more than once the message that the function of mentioning the user in the form in which it exists now, many webmasters disable in their forums.

Thomas, is it technically difficult to do? If it's not difficult, please go ahead, since users are asking ๐Ÿ™‚

The main problem is, that I want to avoid to develop the same functionality in different ways to keep the forum as simple as possible.

By pressing the quote button, the post and the name of the author is already directly added to the editor without copy and pasting anything. The suggestions-function of the mentioning-functionality also allows users to easily select the correct user from a dropdown-list.

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Well, itโ€™s a pity that there will be no such function. The quotation is well done, but the function of addressing the user in the form in which it now exists, I do not like and is not convenient. So I turned it off. It would be much more convenient if the user was accessed by simply pressing the button. And not by the login under which it is registered, but by the name that is displayed on the forum.

Thomas, I thought a little more. And if you do not duplicate these functions, and combine, taking from both the best? That is, in your version, the appeal comes with the "@" sign and login. This is a bit annoying to those who care about site security. You can make my option so that when you click on the "Answer" button, the call goes by the name displayed on the forum. This is more understandable for users. Next, the function of sending a letter to the user that it was mentioned started to work (make this part disabled in the admin area). Then everything will be more logical and safer.

That is, I suggest to leave the "@Erenbur" option and add the "Answer" button. Sending a letter to an email is customizable.

A plus will be the fact that a place will be made available under the avatar, which was previously occupied by "@Erenbur" and you can make a rating and other useful information there.

Thanks for the more detailled explanation.

Maybe I change this when I make a bigger re-design of the entire topic/answering logic in a future update, but it will be not very soon.

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Thomas, this would be a very good update, in which you can make several convenient functions:

1. Transform a user mention.

2. In the free space under the avatar to make a rating and any information that the user can write about himself.

3. It would be nice to make a quick response form below (disconnected in the forum admin panel) below the messages.

4. You can add your own smilies specially for the forum (already asked by webmasters).

In general, to make it approximately like here:

Unregistered guests form a quick response on the forum is not visible: (