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Anonymous checkbox option for logged-in users ?

I use buddypress - and this is a cool plugin , however it would be nice if it integrated seamlessly with buddypress profiles

But this isn't why i have made this topic

My reason for making this topic below :-

-i wanted to know , is there a way or maybe a function code snippet to add an ANONYMOUS CHECKBOX for registered(logged-in) users to have a choice to post topics and replies anonymously by hiding their username and profile-avatar from the front-end (this option can be put or removed by admin from backend aswell)

only admin would be able to see who made what post-topic and reply from the back end

[ this checkbox would be just right under the = "Subscribe to this topic." Checkbox ]

I found this feature in a different plugin .. And i wonder if it would be possible to do it on asgaros

Maybe a snippet i could add for this ?

Hey @bellejoshy,

unfortunately, this feature is not so easy to implement to Asgaros Forum. If you really want to have this functionality, I would advise you to find a developer to create a plugin to add this function.



If you ever wonder how to return the favour for helping you.

Thank you ,


Perhaps it could be a suggestion  -


I saw the  feature on a review  plugin:  it simply just hid/replaced the profile avatar(with the buddypress default profile image) and also replaced the username to anonymous - so it's hidden from the frontend users after the poster  ticked the anonymous check-box  - didn't look too difficult -


But i may be wrong - thanks all the same