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thanks for the reply... sadly since i initially started with BuddyPress... I have the forum setup with it... and now I don't get that option when I installed the plugin.... I get their default, however its kinda glitchy, when you preview a photo crop before you upload the upload crop preview container doesn't constrain to proportions. So when you say yes crop image you really don't know what it will look like...


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Greetings Asgaros,

You recommended the plugin Simple Local Avatars and I've taken a look at it. I've also looked at other plugins that do a similar thing. However, what I'm seeing is that all of them seem to use the WP Dashboard > Users > Profile interface and/or the WP Dashboard > Settings > Discussion interface to implement. Problem is, I don't want my users seeing ANY of the WP back end pages. So am I out of luck? Or is there some way to upload local avatars to a member's account from the front end?

FYI: I am using the WP-Members plugin to manage my user registration and login, which includes editing the profile.

Maybe I haven't looked far enough yet, but it never hurts to ask a more experienced person for an answer!

BTW: I am absolutely loving the Asgaros Forum on my site. This is the simplest and yet most feature rich forum I've ever worked with. And over the years, I've worked with a ton of them. You have hit the exact right balance of the two. Is there a "pro" version of this amazing plugin?

Best Regards,


Hello zydanielson! 🙂

Yes, you are right. Those plugins are all making use of the backend area of WordPress. I am doing the same with a couple of forum options (signatures, etc). Basically it should be not a (security) problem when users access this backend-area because they cant access any other parts of it besides of their profile. And I dont want to implement another user-management-logic when there is already an existing one which is maintained by the WordPress development team.

Currently I dont have any suggestions for you, but maybe they are some extensions for the WP-Members plugin which adds this functionality to its frontend?

There is no pro-version of the plugin and I dont plan to make one available. This plugin is freely available, but if users want to give something back, they can make a little donation via the donate-button. I dont want to force anyone to pay for any extended features like other plugins.



If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

Hi Thomas,

I did, indeed, make a donation. Thank you for your hard work and generous philosophy.

The reason I don't want the WordPress back-end to intrude on my members isn't because of security. It's because it is simply ugly! I have worked hard to maintain a high standard in the look-and-feel of my site. Asgaros forum fit right in beautifully. But WordPress doesn't. LOL.

I am presently testing the WP User Avatar plugin where everything can be handled from the front-end. The good news is that the free version totally works with Asgaros right out of the box! There is, however, one bug I found in a short codethat has caused me a bit of trouble in another part of my site. The plugin author is giving me excellent support, and promises to roll out an updated version that will fix the problem tomorrow. I will likely purchase their Pro version. If you take a look their demo on YouTube, you'll definitely see why. (Take a peek at it. Fun to watch!) I like the ability to grab an image from the computer or mobile device's camera, edit it, and make a user avatar out of it with just a few easy clicks!

I'll post here again after their fix has been rolled out, to be sure the Asgaros community gets the right information.

Best Regards,

Hey Zy,

thank you for your support! 🙂

I just saw that they released an updated version of the WP User Avatar plugin. Is everything working well with it?

If you want to support the development of Asgaros Forum, you can leave a good review or donate. Thank you very much!

Hi Thomas,

Yes, the WP User Avatar free version upgrade solved my problem. I'm not sure what was going on technically. He added a new feature to the short code [avatar user="current"] which fixes the error when using just [avatar]. Apparently this is just for the free version,  but I'm not sure.

I purchased and attempted to install the Pro version and got a PHP warning message that a file was too large. I've put this back into the support ticket I have with him. But as of now, everything works with the free plugin. I'm happy.  🙂


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