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Add Captcha for guest postings

Wenn ich den Code oben eingeben möchte, geht gar nichts mehr auf meiner Seite.

ParseError geworfen

Syntaxfehler, unerwarteter 'editor_custom_content_bottom' (T_STRING)

Hallo @mato

Bitte überprüfe erneut, ob du den Code vollständig kopiert hast. Beachte außerdem, diesen am Ende deiner functions.php-Datei - allerdings vor dem schließenden ?> Tag - einzufügen.


I added your plugin to the starting-post. Nice work! 🙂

@Asgaros - thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

Hello. Newbie see so be gentle!

I am putting a forum in my site and am very much a beginner. I have activated the re Captcha plugin and also the reCaptcha for Asgaros Forum plugin. the latter asks me for the api keys with starred out values. It gives me a link to Google but I can't see where I should go from there. Can you help?

Hello @davestrong10

An API-key is required for ReCaptcha to work. Information on how to get this should be available via the link which leads you to the Google website (ReCaptcha is developed by Google). If not, please try to contact the developer of the ReCaptcha-plugin. They should know the correct ressource for it. 🙂