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Can I prohibit writing to forums for members of WordPress subscription authority?
I want to divide it into a member who reads only and a member who can write.

Hello @pal

Currently every member who has access to a specific category can also create topics or posts inside it. However there are a few restrictions:

  • If a topic is closed, only moderators/administrators can create posts inside it.
  • If a forum is closed, only moderators/administrators can create topics inside it. Normal users can still create posts in those topics as long as the topics are not closed as well.

If you need the normal user-role and another user-role which has read-only access only, there is currently only one workaround: You need to ban the users who should not be able to create topics and/or posts. Banned users can still access topics normally like a guest (based on your access-permission settings for categories) but are not able to create topics or posts.

Thank you for your answer. So, can you automatically add a moderator at the time of user registration?

@pal It will be possible if you add the following custom-code to your themes functions.php file:

add_action('user_register', array($this, 'add_moderator'), 10, 1);

public function add_moderator($user_id) {
    global $asgarosforum;

    $asgarosforum->permissions->set_forum_role($user_id, 'moderator');

But I dont suggest you to use this code because every new user (including spam-bots) will automatically have moderator-permissions inside of your forum and can edit/delete all posts.

Using Ultimate Member, I would like to create two types of user registration forms and give moderator privileges to one side.
Hide the registration button,
I would like to tell the registration URL only to the moderator registrant.


Very risky idea how, I still advise against it.

Delete the registration URL when moderator registration is completed.
Still dangerous?

What speaks against applying the moderator forum-role manually to the user? If its only necessary for a few users anyway then this should be the way to go. Its basically just two clicks and does not come with any risks.

There are about 50 people who want to be a moderator, about 150 people want to view only, so I think that it is slightly difficult manually by one administrator.

Okay, I see. So you can provide a special registration-form for moderators which you can announce via mail or something. And for security-purposes this page can be password-protected. That should reduce the risk.