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About Registration

I like Asgaros, but I always cannot go though the Registration.

Now I deleted whole website and reinstalled WordPress, so it's a new and empty website now.

I installed Asgaros to this new / empty website, before I teach anything, I clicked "Registration", it says "Registration has been disabled." (screenshot attached).

Can you please tell me what's the problem?

Thanks in advance!



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You have to allow registration under WP-Admin > Settings > General > Membership (*) Anyone can register

Thank you!

But my website is a multi-sites. 

On this multi-sites, the Network Admin > Setting is different from what you said "WP-Admin > Settings > General > Membership". There is no "Membership", tere is "Registration Settings" only.

It looks like this -

Registration Settings


Could you pls teach me how to do now?

Thank you!







Hello @peterwangbiz

I am not exactly sure about multi-site installations but you can try to play around with the settings except "Registration is disabled". Otherwise it will be not possible to create new accounts.

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