Hire Me

My name is Thomas Belser – I am a Solutions Architect with a M.Sc in Computer Science located in Frankfurt (🇩🇪) and Shanghai (🇨🇳). I have more than a decade working-experience; focusing on the development of high-performant web-applications. I bring extensive knowledge in modern web-technologies, programming-languages and database-systems and use techniques like AWS, PHP, JavaScript, REST, SQL, Java, C#, CSS, HTML & much more.

I offer development and engineering services of high-quality solutions in the area of web-development and beyond. Additionally me and my partner-network offers IT consultation if you plan to expand your digital solutions to the Chinese market. My demand for excellent code-quality, a focus on performance and outstanding support will help you to realize your ideas and bring your projects to the next level.

IT Consulting

Consultation for finding the best to build your digital solution ensures long-term success.

AWS Solutions Architect

As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with extensive knowledge of the AWS Global & China infrastructure I can support you on all topics related to cloud hosting.

General Development

Development of new and existing projects like web-services (front end/back end), mobile-applications and complex software-systems.

Go China

Me and my partner-network can help you to expand your business into China. Need help with WeChat, AliYun, ICP? I connect you with the right people!

WordPress Development

Development of plugins, themes and websites based on WordPress. Additional services like maintenance, content-management and configuration.

Asgaros Forum

Advanced services regarding the Asgaros Forum-plugin, including data-migration from other forum-systems, design adjustments and custom implementations.